[hackerspaces] How to deal with this kinds of arrasemenr

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IANAL, but I've sat through enough sexual harassment classes as a corporate
manager to suspect, based on the laws of your locality, that if the
management is aware of the problem and has done nothing, they can be held
liable in a harassment suit. So, he needs to be counseled to stop, and if
he doesn't stop, removed. All else (his usefulness, friendliness, desire to
help) is secondary.

As to what to do, have two members of the executive committee or whatever
ruling body you have, sit him down and tell him it must stop. If it happens
again, he will be asked to leave. And she should be informed so that she is
made to feel comfortable.

If in doubt, contact a human resources specialist and/or lawyer. The local
labor department may also be able to help.


On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 11:27 AM, Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca> wrote:

> On 27/01/14 10:59 AM, Florencia Edwards wrote:
>> Hi all. On our hackerspaces there is this person very active in the
>> community of older age (60ish), who started giving presents to a 26 year
>> old staff member and asking her to report when she got home because he
>> worried somehing would happen to her. Than he sent an email saying he
>> was in love with this member and that he had expectations ,but all was
>> lost when he found out she had a boyfriend. The staff member told him
>> she wasnt intrested and to please keep distance, respectfuly. After that
>> he kept sending emails saying that he needed this staff memers attention
>> to keep proactive in the maker community. He sent another present
>> This staff memer is tired of this, is doing an ignore strategy but this
>> person insists a lot. Also the conmunity at the hackersoace love him and
>> learn a lot from him so its difficult to just ban.
>> What do you recomend for this? How can communicate with ths person so he
>> stops bothering the staff? Do you consider his behavior arrasement?
>> Ill really appreceate answers
> This kind of behaviour is one of the biggest reasons women can feel
> uncomfortable in IT communities. People should be able to feel comfortable
> being themselves without always feeling like they have to check themselves
> to make sure they don't seem flirtatious or interested beyond simple
> friendship.
> This member needs to be made aware that he must leave her alone
> immediately or else get removed from the community. He showed his interest,
> he was rejected, he needs to move on. Now.
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