[hackerspaces] What do you do in open tuesdays?

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From: Florencia Edwards <floev22 at gmail.com>
Subject: [hackerspaces] What do you do in open tuesdays?
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 12:38:20 -0300

> What sort of activities do you do in open tuedays? Is it with
> members and.not members meeting and talking? We are having a
> open tuesday soon and people ( and i admit, me too) dont
> understand what it is about , its abstract. We just say our
> doors are open everyone is welcome. But what sort of activities
> do you usually do on open tuesdays? Like a meeting where
> people.introduce themselves and say what they hack?
> Id love some examples

While it is useful to have some concrete activities during open tuesdays that give people a good reason to go, i think the idea (and the practice!) is exactly that there will be enough space for new people to come and engage with the hackerspace in the way that they want, especially having conversations with members.

If this sounds abstract then consider the situations of new visitors on other days: maybe they arrive and there are only a few people in the hackerspace who are concentrating on working on their projects.  It is often hard to drop things on the floor and start to welcome people, or to accomodate somebody while continuing to work on your stuff.  Open tuesdays are designed to avoid such a situation: you can come and you can be sure that even if people are working on something, they expect to be interrupted. :)

So it is useful to do some things and even advertise them, but it should be clear that they don't take up all the space and time.

"In general, scientific study was to be an intellectual pastime which could be an appropriate alternative to socially undesirable activities, such as drinking and extra-marital sex." (Shapin & Barnes, 1977)

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