[hackerspaces] Safe Space Policies?

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So on the basis of my gender I'm not allowed to express an opinion on how
data is solicited and collected?  le sigh.


Collecting qualitative data is valuable certainly and I'd be interested in
reading the results.  My concern was that there is only one way to present
the results of a "yes / no" question and, given the solicitation you gave I
was concerned it wouldn't give an accurate picture.

If we're going to do research I'd rather the methodology be solid before
the data starts coming in.  It makes the study more resilient in the face
of opposition.



On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 12:23 AM, Madelynn Martiniere <mmartiniere at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Al responded perfectly. If there's no stories to tell, there's no article.
> If the semantics are truly bothersome to those who would like to share
> their stories, I'm happy to change the wording of the question, though it
> won't change the results as I'm asking for qualitative data.
> On 26 Jan 2014, at 09:17 pm, Al Billings <albill at openbuddha.com> wrote:
> Yes, please, a man should tell her how she’s doing it wrong.
> She’s collecting stories. If there are no stories to tell, as some of you
> claim, she’ll get nothing. “Skewing” isn’t the issue here since she isn’t
> asking “how often does this happen” but, instead, “Tell me about something
> if it happened to you.”
> Al
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> I feel I need to point something out.  Your invitation to that form says "If
> any women in hackerspaces have stories of sexism they'd like to share with
> me for an article".
> One of your questions in your form is: "Have you had any experiences of
> sexism, misogyny, harassment, or assault in a hackerspace?"
> Given your invitation I would suggest that you've already skewed your
> results.
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