[hackerspaces] Safe Space Policies?

Brendan Halliday wodann at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 13:57:26 CET 2014

Safe Space Policy is a fairly common term in most of the circles I'm
involved in so I probably should've quantified it.

In general terms, a Safe Space Policy is a commitment by an event or
organisation to declare the space within the event/group as free from the
various oppressive behaviours that are used to discriminate and oppress
diversity of groups. It generally includes definitions of these behaviours
so that they can be identified and handled to ensure that the space or
event is welcoming to all groups - thus ensuring continued group diversity.

TLDR, it's a commitment to ensuring events/groups don't remain a white male
sausagefest by making sure that discrimination/oppression is clearly
handled/not accepted and that disadvantaged people are empowered.

There might be a better way to put it, but the above is the description
I've had the most positive and constructive traction with.

On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 10:33 PM, Walter van Holst <walter at revspace.nl>wrote:

> On 26/01/2014 13:31, Brendan Halliday wrote:
> > Hi guys,
> >
> > I'm wondering if any other spaces on the list have had difficulty
> > implementing a Safe Space Policy.
> What do you mean by that term?
> Regards,
>  Walter
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