[hackerspaces] how to deal with tired staff, with hackespaces blues

Wilco Baan Hofman wilco at baanhofman.nl
Tue Jan 21 14:54:50 CET 2014

On 21/01/14 14:45, Florencia Edwards wrote:
> Dear hackerspaces, how do you deal with a tired staff. I'm one of
> them, it seems like we work work work, and every day there are less
> members, less people willing to give something back to the space and
>  we get the feeling that the majority just wants to take and doesn't
> share , wants discounts, and  to get  free materials but they never
> give anything to anyone. There are  people that think we are
> millionaires and want to take part of the cut any way they can. 

We don't have staff, that helps. We try to give most members a key and
run entirely on what time volunteers have. There is no difference
between staff and members, everyone is a member and mostly everyone
chips in.

Even then it's better to assume the best in people, people want to give,
maybe they don't know how or feel that what they pay is enough to give
as they are not staff and do not feel the same responsibility.

-- Wilco

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