[hackerspaces] how to deal with tired staff, with hackespaces blues

Florencia Edwards floev22 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 14:45:22 CET 2014

Dear hackerspaces, how do you deal with a tired staff. I'm one of them, it
seems like we work work work, and every day there are less members, less
people willing to give something back to the space and  we get the feeling
that the majority just wants to take and doesn't share , wants discounts,
and  to get  free materials but they never give anything to anyone. There
are  people that think we are millionaires and want to take part of the cut
any way they can.

Here where we are from people don't trust each other, they are like
survivors, try to get what they need and than they escape.

And in fact, we are losing money every month. As staff we are badly paid,
we are more sort of  volunteers, we can't get through the month with what
we win. I work here at the space full time, than i get home and i keep
working , I can't afford lunch anymore . We can sense that the whole staff
is tired and in a bad mood, and the more time it passes it's worse. And I
wish I could see more people happy with this, changing, wanting to share,
wanting to make a community... But sometimes it feels like a illusion

Any advice, or just share our pain hehe, we should make hackerspaces blues.
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