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Mani Fazeli mani at founderdating.com
Sun Jan 19 18:38:35 CET 2014

Hi all,

Wanted to share info that seems super relevant for this crew - if you’re
even thinking about starting a company or turning a side project into an
entrepreneurial venture. *Founder Dating (FD) <http://bit.ly/1alB38h>* is
an invite-only, online network for entrepreneurs to connect with other
high-intent entrepreneurs to start companies and share best practices.

What makes FD different?

   - *High Quality*: each member is carefully screened for quality and
   readiness - no recruiters or smarmy sales pitches. Identities are
   confidential, but the community includes former founders and early
   employees from Stackmob, Gilt, Twitter, Loggly and Facebook, to name a few.
   There are numerous serial entrepreneurs with exits under their belts.
   - *Balanced*: the community is strictly 50% engineering and 50%
   - *Global Reach:* FD’s online network allows you to connect with people
   across 24 cities for access to the best entrepreneurial resources without
   the barriers of a local meetup.
   - *No Idea Necessary*: Just be ready to work on a serious side project.

Toronto's community is one of the largest in the network and members love
it. We've had three confirmed successful pairings to date in Toronto:

AvidTap <https://avidtap.com/> : FD blog
FreshCanteen <http://www.freshcanteen.com/> : FD blog
Ulonova <http://www.ulonova.com/> : FD blog

*Apply today: **http://bit.ly/1alB38h <http://bit.ly/1alB38h>* and give
yourself the right start to hack away on your next big thing in a

Hope this helps,

Mani Fazeli
Managing Director
FounderDating Toronto
@mcfazeli <https://twitter.com/mcfazeli>
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