[hackerspaces] Accommodations for lower income space members

Edward L Platt ed at elplatt.com
Sun Feb 16 16:35:02 CET 2014

> a) have some sort of sponsorship program?

i3 Detroit has tried a few different things.  For long time, we had a
two-tier membership system where the lower-paying tier had equal access to
the shop, but no voting rights.  The lower tier was intended to be for
those who didn't use lots of space/equipment (crafters, coders, etc.) and
those who were in financial need, but it was self-enforced, and eventually
nearly everyone wound up on the lower tier so we switched to a single tier.

A couple years ago, we also passed a "scholarship" program that creates one
dues-free membership for every 10 dues-paying members.  Anyone can apply
and they spots are granted on a 6 month basis.  Unfortunately, this policy
proved unpopular with the membership and subsequent boards and it was never
implemented.  There seems to be a widespread impression that people not
paying dues will be less invested in the space and will not be able to
contribute (a view I personally disagree with).

b) have a credits-for-space work/administration system?
I've heard of this, but as Willow once pointed out at a Space Federation
meet-up, those in financial need don't necessarily have more disposable
time, and might actually have less.


> We're writing our business plan and want to ensure that we block out such
> accommodations in a workable manner, but are having a bit of trouble
> finding a working model within the hackerspace world.
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