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schinken schinken at hackerspace-bamberg.de
Tue Apr 29 15:33:47 CEST 2014

>   Take a look at: http://brmlab.cz/project/brmbar
>   It has some documentation too. :-)

Wow that looks great

>   It doesn't support either, but hopefully should be easy to extend.
> Normally, you can buy either for cash or on your credit account,
> but adding ways to refill the credit account should be fairly
> straightforward.  There is no authentication in our setting, we operate
> it on a purely honor system.

We also trust our people here at the space, we just want to make things

Maybe i used the word "authentication" wrong. The main idea is, that the
user should first scan their user barcode, no matter where it is: on a
"member card", on a public list...

And then the user should scan their article. They can get credit, but
also should be able to prepay (that's our preferred way)

Is there something implemented like user selection by barcode?


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