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Ryan Rix ry at n.rix.si
Sat Apr 26 00:03:33 CEST 2014

Paul Brown <paul90brown at gmail.com> writes:
> I just noticed a hackerspace using some software called Discourse for
> their mailing list + forum: http://forum.tinkermill.org/latest/more
> It also looks like Discourse is free (and open source) as long as you
> host it yourself. The github page for Discourse is here:
> https://github.com/discourse/discourse

I've been trying to carve out time to build a discourse deployment for
my budding space. I have high hopes for it, but it lacks deep email
integration, it seems like. Their deployment stuff seems pretty simple

I've got high hopes for it replaceing mailman, myself, so long as the
email integration improves in the long-run.

Google groups, though, is a horribly bad product, imo. :/

> At Dallas Makerspace, we use a bunch of different Google Groups. We
> switched from mailman because Google Groups has a better web interface
> and we liked the idea of not hosting/managing it ourselves.
> Unfortunately, no one seems to use Google Group's web interface and
> there are a few quirks I would like to fix, but it isn't open source.
> Discourse's categories functionality and better web interface makes it
> seem like a good replacement for Google Groups.
> Does anyone have any feedback about Discourse vs Google Groups? Is
> there an even better alternative?
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