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Al Billings albill at openbuddha.com
Fri Apr 4 23:56:55 CEST 2014

From: Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net

On Friday, April 04, 2014 14:00:28 Al Billings wrote:
> Why do the doors have to be “wide open?"

What does "wide open" mean in this context to you?

 I was thinking of the example of Noisebridge which, until perhaps recently, would give anyone a key and let anyone wander in at any hour, whether a member or not, to do whatever they wanted within the space. If someone did something folks didn’t like, they’d ask them to leave individually, if the members were willing to do so. Sometimes the people would leave, sometimes they wouldn’t. 

Contrast this with most other spaces where members who pay dues (and often who have been voted in by other members) have access rights to the space outside of explicitly public events or classes. Non-members are guests and expected to behave or they will be told to leave. Guests, outside of open events, are the responsibility of those that bring them into the space.

Lots of hackerspaces have a locked door and you have to be a member to get in unless it is an event. 

Al Billings

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