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Founder burnout is a big one. There is an interesting social dynamic,
common to coops and communal projects where they seem to survive a long
time, but are really only doing so because they are buoyed up by the
personality of an individual or a few key members. Even Alexander the
Great's giant empire collapsed the second he died - it wasn't REALLY a
viable empire, it was held afloat by his personality.

Our space, Phoenix Asylum in Boulder, CO just signed it's 6th year of
leasing for our space, and my wife and I are the last of the original 12
founding members to have remained (the 2nd to last is leaving this month).
We recently had to have some real sit-downs with the group to try to
instill in the members a sense of ownership and responsibility.

I am trying to slowly extract myself from the fabric of the organization.
Not because I'm looking to flee (I do want to stay), but because I think
that the real test of a successful cooperative organization is how it fares
when all the *original members are gone*.

That is the true test of success for a cooperative model - self
sustainability. It is "cheating" to support your model on the backs of a
few dedicated individuals. If work is done to acculturate people, build
rotation into responsibilities, and foster a sense of ownership, then
hopefully the org can last longer than the founding members (which tend to
burn out in the 2-4 year range).


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> I was tempted to make a fish pun here and then realized that could really
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>>   Why did I read that as FLOUNDER burnout?
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>> How about founder burnout?
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