[hackerspaces] Failing/failed hackerspaces

Mark Henderson mhenderson683 at live.com
Fri Apr 4 18:13:44 CEST 2014

I have some questions about failed or failing hackerspaces and makerspaces.

1.  What are some well known failed spaces to the discussion group, and what caused them to fail?
2.  Are there any spaces that are "too big to fail", i.e. too much money is invested in the space - so much so that it has become a disservice to the community instead of an asset?  What are some of the common mistakes that spaces make that keep them from growing or succeeding?
3.  Has anyone taken failed models and used them as sort of a "this is what not to do" list?  Where could I source that info?
4.  For people new to this industry, what are some of the common newcomer mistakes in starting up a makerspace/hackerspace that you would have liked to been made aware of so you could have avoided them and saved yourself a massive headache?

Mark Henderson

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