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john lunger justj1915 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 5 00:57:45 CEST 2013

We were visitors of this particular hackerspace last night so I don;t know the exact details of things in term of whose name is on the nonprofit incorporating forms or even if it is nonprofit incorporated at all.
I am actually thinking of starting a hackerspace myself and wanted it to be kid friendly. 
When I say kid friendly I mean separate rooms for the adult stuff (all the dangerous tools/chemicals/ewaste) and the kids stuff (tables, chairs, soldering irons, sparkfun electronic kits, popsicle sticks, glue gun, glitter, Legos, Snap Circuits, Squishy Circuits etc (Parents would be required to stay with the children).

 Would insurance be more feasible with this kind of set up instead? Could we get separate insurance policies for each space. One for the adult section/one for the kids section? I would love for them to have a common area which would only have couches, tables, chairs, musical instruments but not sure after last night how that would work out because they you would have to worry about fingerprinting/ of random adults interacting with minors.  

Our group is moving much more slowly and methodically than other hackerspaces because of the involvement of children. We are going to try and dot our i's and cross our t's and deal with all the steps needed for everything to be covered if that is possible.

So that is why I am asking all these questions. But given what happened last night I having 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th thoughts about starting one at all. 

You can check our sad website at www.hayhackers.org

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