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On working with adults:

Think about what adults want to do--regardless of their age, or status. There are any number of things:

"I need a place where I can work on my projects without my family there to distract me."

"I have always wanted to:

* open a business

* create some art

* invent something

* try something new

but when I was young, my

* parent

* authority

* school

told me I couldn't, would I be allowed to do those things at your space?"

And of course the response is: "Yes, come and help us make the space and we promise to say 'yes'!"

On forming a space: https://atrium.schoolfactory.org/spacekit/home


Happy to help with specific issues also--it's our full-time focus.


James Carlson
Director, School Factory
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On Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 2:33 PM, john lunger <justj1915 at yahoo.com> wrote:

>  We just had two full weekends with booths at East Bay Mini Maker Faire and at Cal State East Bays Bay Area Science Festival! 
> Parents were swarming us and wanting information about all of this for their kids. We did Squishy Circuits and showed some Bristle Bots and a few things my kids made at Hacker Scouts.  We were asked to go to schools science fairs, afterschool programs and more faires and many were wanting to pay us. I am thinking about doing these for pay to help fund raise for a permanent space. Ideas about this? Many were really excited to see a possibility of a Hackerspace in the city even though a lot had no clue what on earth it was...I had to start saying it was like a science and technology interactive museum as my elevator speech just to get them to the booth to learn more.  Again there was several thousand people there and this morning I lost my voice. 
> One person from Hayward State wanted us to contact their advancement dept so we can become affiliated with them and they will help fund us but I am a bit concerned about that. I don;t want to belong to a university. 
> So I want more information about some of these projects we can do at more of these faires to get us noticed. 
> Specifically this one: http://www.instructables.com/id/Vortex-Drive-Micro-ROV-ROVVor/
> How can we put the battery inside the centrifuge tube? Are there different sizes of centrifuge tubes?
> I am not sure if Beambots could work in a fair enviroment? Thoughts about these?
> Also how do we get more single adults involved in our hackerspaces. 
> Most of the people that we have had connections with are families with children. 
> How do you attract the adults? What kinds of events do adults without children like? I haven't been without children for over 20yrs so I am clueless in that respect. 
> Carolyn
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