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john lunger justj1915 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 27 19:33:01 CET 2013

 We just had two full weekends with booths at East Bay Mini Maker Faire and at Cal State East Bays Bay Area Science Festival! 
Parents were swarming us and wanting information about all of this for their kids. We did Squishy Circuits and showed some Bristle Bots and a few things my kids made at Hacker Scouts.  We were asked to go to schools science fairs, afterschool programs and more faires and many were wanting to pay us. I am thinking about doing these for pay to help fund raise for a permanent space. Ideas about this? Many were really excited to see a possibility of a Hackerspace in the city even though a lot had no clue what on earth it was...I had to start saying it was like a science and technology interactive museum as my elevator speech just to get them to the booth to learn more.  Again there was several thousand people there and this morning I lost my voice. 

One person from Hayward State wanted us to contact their advancement dept so we can become affiliated with them and they will help fund us but I am a bit concerned about that. I don;t want to belong to a university. 

So I want more information about some of these projects we can do at more of these faires to get us noticed. 

Specifically this one: http://www.instructables.com/id/Vortex-Drive-Micro-ROV-ROVVor/

How can we put the battery inside the centrifuge tube? Are there different sizes of centrifuge tubes?

I am not sure if Beambots could work in a fair enviroment? Thoughts about these?
Also how do we get more single adults involved in our hackerspaces. 

Most of the people that we have had connections with are families with children. 

How do you attract the adults? What kinds of events do adults without children like? I haven't been without children for over 20yrs so I am clueless in that respect. 

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