[hackerspaces] How did you all first find out about Hackerspaces?

Mel Shamanka mel.shamanka at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 17:32:18 CEST 2013

Had heard of hackerspaces here and there online over the years, assumed
there wouldn't be any in France anyway. Read Doctorow's Little Brother a
few years later, got curious and looked up hackerspaces.org - found the
Suite Logique and went to visit, have been popping in and out in
hackerspaces and fablabs since.


2013/10/17 Dr. Glass DPM <glass.dpm at gmail.com>

> I was poking around the internet, looking into 3D printing.  On a google
> group post, a member of Freeside Atlanta was very helpful in working with
> me, and after we began talking, he invited me to visit Freeside to learn
> more.
>   Nicholas A. Giovinco, DPM
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> Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance
> University of Arizona College of Medicine
> PO Box 245072
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> P: (520) 626-1349
> F: (520) 626-8140

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