[hackerspaces] How did you all first find out about Hackerspaces?

Bilal Ghalib bg at bilalghalib.com
Wed Oct 16 20:41:37 CEST 2013

Was fed up with school and ran away to MIT on Alec Resnick's recommendation
and promise of a job/couch. Found myself bumming around Alex Hornstein's
basement and learning to weld / hack away at MITERS the hackerspace in a
forgotten corner of MIT.

Decided to bring it back home to Michigan with me.

PS, if you're interested in seeing a bunch of video research I did in 2009
of hackerspaces all across America, including footage of Paul Bohm talking
about his experiences in Vienna check out this archive link:

It's creatively commons licensed, I want to hear an autotuned version of
that conversation. Haha! :D
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