[hackerspaces] what is your opinion about the closing of 3rd ward?

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On 14 October 2013 14:41, john lunger <justj1915 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> My opinion:
>  We are planning to start a new hackerspace in Hayward, CA.
> I can't tell you how many people kept coming to me to NOT make it a 501c3.
            There are ways to be a non-profit without the full burden of
becoming a 501c3 of your own. You could join up with School Factory to get
the benefits of being a 501c3 and the community of hackerspaces around the
country to help you with advice and ideas. (http://schoolfactory.org)

             As for the question of non-profit or for-profit, the
difference has more to do with where the money goes, not where it comes
from. If you are a non-profit, your profits go back into the services you
exist to provide. If you are for-profit your profits go to shareholders.

              If you haven't done so already, do go hang out with the folks
at Mothership Hackermoms (Berkeley near Ashby BART), Ace Monster Toys
(Oakland), Sudoroom (downtown Oakland near 19th Street BART ), LOLspace
(near Fruitvale BART in Oakland) and Noisebridge (Mission district in San
Francisco, right near 16th St BART), and pick their brains about what's
working and not working for them. They are ALL great communities that are
dealing with the issues of money and responsibility in different ways.
You'll also find that the leadership in these places will tend to be very
supportive of your work to start your own space, so don't worry about
someone getting weird about another hackerspace being "competition" or
something stupid like that. Get all the advice you can, and then pick the
path that you think will work best for your own circumstances.

Good luck to you!

- Lisha

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