[hackerspaces] what is your opinion about the closing of 3rd ward?

Gui Cavalcanti gui at artisansasylum.com
Mon Oct 14 16:23:32 CEST 2013

One interesting piece of information that's pertinent to everyone that came out of this is that they were offering a membership with unlimited classes built into it - and, furthermore, that the removal of this offering after several years is one of the things that got everyone in an uproar. When the asylum offered an unlimited class pass, the members who used it ended up using 2x the price they paid for the pass in a year in payments we had to make to teachers - luckily, we kept the experiment small, and it didn't cause any serious harm. Given that 3rd Ward and the Asylum were of a similar size (programmatically and physically) I can see no possible way such a business plan/offering could've worked out in the long run.

Navigate such discounts and deals at your own risk, especially as they become standard offerings in your space. 

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