[hackerspaces] Wet hackerspace walls, what do you do?

riot riot at c-base.org
Thu Nov 7 16:26:22 CET 2013

On 07.11.2013 15:14, Jesse Krembs wrote:
> I think we'll need a little more information. What are the walls made
> of? Why are they wet? Was there flooding? Is there a ongoing issue?

Good point :)
The walls (basement) are late 19th century bricks-and-mortar, humidity
is probably coming in from above (rain) and the outside, probably a lot
of it coming in from under the wall, as the groundwater is pretty high.

I have already partly dismissed:
* steel water barrier inlets (probably too expensive, the house is old
and around 22m high, pretty (steely) industrial..)
* we can't really excavate the outside to fix from there. Neighbours..

So we have to act on the inside; I'm thinking of some plastic sealing or
similar, but i'm worried about the wall-substance, too.


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