[hackerspaces] Hackerspace crisis plan

William Reyor opticfiber at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 12:19:12 CET 2013

Look for ways to pull community in. 

Hackerspace's aren't just about working and making things, there also about connecting with people.

If you have an IT crowd start doing Cert study nights, if your more maker oriented start doing open community challenges / hackathons. Anything that gets people working together

Here in the US we have meetup.com which works really well for attracting people which have never interacted with the space before.

The other thing, is that this is very much a slow process to start an it can take a while to build inertia, and you mileage may vary.

- William Reyor

On Jan 22, 2013, at 6:08 AM, David Francos <me at davidfrancos.net> wrote:

> Hi there.
> I'm from DegeneratedLabs, Zaragoza (Spain) Hackerspace.
> It's probably the first time I write here, tought I've been lurking for a while.
> We've got a 2-year old hackerspace here, with a nice-as-hell space, but we've recently lost almost all of our members (three remaining, not much money)
> We're thinking on alternative economic support stuff, we've got a few nice things (a 3d printer, two floors (one of them mostly used as a workshop and the other a a source for talks etc), lots of hardware, tools, fridges coffe machines, a huge library...)
> Aside from that, we've got very poor access to people (We are currently FOUR people!).
> We don't have a very good online image, but we're constantly moving it IRL, trought talks and so on.
> Could you give us any guidance on how to proceed to avoid the hackerspace's death? Is there any crisis plan developed that can be a little generic to them?
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