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Ben Brown ben at kwartzlab.ca
Thu Jan 17 20:49:53 CET 2013

Our streaming devices have changed frequently (most recently just Winamp
on an AV station), but with our move in progress, I'd like to integrate
the music player into a web-based info 'dashboard' that's running
locally on a Linux VM (the actual playing would be handled by the same
RasPi that runs our webcam feed).

SomaFM is a major staple for background tunage at Kwartzlab.


On 1/17/2013 2:39 PM, Alan Fay wrote:
> Greetings from Freeside Atlanta!
> I wanted to shout out to this list to get an idea of what other
> hackerspaces are using as a streaming music solution.  What I would
> like to do is setup a linux box exclusive to our LAN to stream open,
> DRM-free music in our space.  Freeside is a proponent of open and free
> software, so it would be cool to continue practicing that fine
> tradition.  
> I saw this on hack-a-day: 
> http://hackaday.com/2013/01/04/dedicated-pandora-player-plus-airplay-built-around-the-raspberry-pi/
> ...and I was inspired to hack together something similar, but instead
> of Pandora (and ads, and/or potential broadcasting legal issues,
> and/or spending money just on principle) instead populate the source
> music with free tunes, or connect to existing free music.
> I found a couple of great sources for music:
> http://sonicsquirrel.net/
> http://freemusicarchive.org/
> http://libre.fm/
> Libre.fm runs off gnu-fm, so I dug into the gnu-fm code a little:
> https://gitorious.org/foocorp/gnu-fm
> I'll be going through the install process to see if that setup works
> for us, but in the mean time, what have some of the other hackerspaces
> in the world done for streaming music?
> Alan Fay
> Director/Treasurer, Freeside Atlanta
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