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Alan Fay emptyset at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 20:39:08 CET 2013

Greetings from Freeside Atlanta!

I wanted to shout out to this list to get an idea of what other
hackerspaces are using as a streaming music solution.  What I would like to
do is setup a linux box exclusive to our LAN to stream open, DRM-free music
in our space.  Freeside is a proponent of open and free software, so it
would be cool to continue practicing that fine tradition.

I saw this on hack-a-day:

...and I was inspired to hack together something similar, but instead of
Pandora (and ads, and/or potential broadcasting legal issues, and/or
spending money just on principle) instead populate the source music with
free tunes, or connect to existing free music.

I found a couple of great sources for music:

Libre.fm runs off gnu-fm, so I dug into the gnu-fm code a little:

I'll be going through the install process to see if that setup works for
us, but in the mean time, what have some of the other hackerspaces in the
world done for streaming music?

Alan Fay
Director/Treasurer, Freeside Atlanta
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