[hackerspaces] Women in Makerspaces

Pete Prodoehl raster at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 16:58:28 CET 2013

At Milwaukee Makerspace we just put a board in place about 4 months 
ago... People were allowed to nominate themselves or others could 
nominate them, and from there we held elections. It worked out well 
enough (I think, we're only 4 months in it) but I've heard at least one 
person say that having a bit more diversity on the board would be nice. 
I'm hoping that as we grown and our membership diversifies, we'll see 
that in the future.


On 1/17/13 8:23 AM, Philipp Tiefenbacher wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 2:43 PM, Melissa Hall <melissa.hall at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The first was in the bylaws meeting.  I wanted leadership to be my
>> nomination from someone else.  That got changed to encourage
>> self-nomination.  Someone said "I don't think you should be a leader if you
>> are not willing to ask for it".  I didn't fight that and have regretted it
>> ever since.
> I come from Metalab and at the moment our board consists of two woman
> and one man (sadly our members are more like 20% to 80%) These people
> nominated them selves. I once was also on the board which also was my
> own decision. I don't think that nomination by someone else is a good
> approach because being on the board takes much time and commitment. I
> think a person should decide them self if (s)he wants to commit to
> something like that. If you get nominated you might feel obligated to
> do it which might lead to troubles when you have too little
> time/motivation to do your duties.
> Maybe I should add that the board of directors does not really decide
> anything. The space is self organized and the board only does the
> (financial) administration that is required by law.
> greetings
> Philipp

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