[hackerspaces] OHM2013 and US hacker spaces

Far McKon farmckon at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 17:29:08 CET 2013

> uh, what Emerican hacker spaces are planning to go to OHM?

I believe the proper spelling of that is 'merkin.   I think a more
proper action (in honor of Obama ending Active Miliary Operaitons) may
be to go to a space, and 'help' the people run it.

Really bummed I missed CCC and I'll be missing OHM.

hack on,
- Far

On 1/11/13 11:26 PM, Rubin Abdi wrote:
> So at CCCamp11 there were a bunch of embassies being operated by hackers
> from different regions of Europe, and the trolling between them was
> pretty epic. Being part of the minority out there myself was fairly
> interesting, and eventually some of us Americans grouped up together to
> do what Americans do best, go in and occupy other country's shit. We
> were quickly bombarded by gifts of alcoholic drinks and alternated
> kisses on the cheek, failed miserably at our mission of taking over
> another country's embassy.
> This past year Noisebridge invaded Toorcamp, with our People's Republic
> 0f Nosebridge (otherwise known as PR0N) and rocked it pretty hard. So
> much so that our failing Occupy Oakland bus was the talk of the town.
> So, uh, what Emerican hacker spaces are planning to go to OHM? I would
> like to lay the egg of an idea of possibly grouping us Cowboys and
> Yankees camps together into one massive village with a central structure
> (White Haus? Pentagone? Area Over 9051? Titan Series 2 Missile Silo (for
> me to pooped on)? Pwn Harbor?) to launch our missions of peace to other
> villages and camps. Additionally we could all get together and drink
> PBR-Mate.
> *cough*
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