[hackerspaces] OHM2013 and US hacker spaces

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Sat Jan 12 05:26:46 CET 2013

So at CCCamp11 there were a bunch of embassies being operated by hackers
from different regions of Europe, and the trolling between them was
pretty epic. Being part of the minority out there myself was fairly
interesting, and eventually some of us Americans grouped up together to
do what Americans do best, go in and occupy other country's shit. We
were quickly bombarded by gifts of alcoholic drinks and alternated
kisses on the cheek, failed miserably at our mission of taking over
another country's embassy.

This past year Noisebridge invaded Toorcamp, with our People's Republic
0f Nosebridge (otherwise known as PR0N) and rocked it pretty hard. So
much so that our failing Occupy Oakland bus was the talk of the town.

So, uh, what Emerican hacker spaces are planning to go to OHM? I would
like to lay the egg of an idea of possibly grouping us Cowboys and
Yankees camps together into one massive village with a central structure
(White Haus? Pentagone? Area Over 9051? Titan Series 2 Missile Silo (for
me to pooped on)? Pwn Harbor?) to launch our missions of peace to other
villages and camps. Additionally we could all get together and drink


rubin at starset.net

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