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Friday Demola demolaboy at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 20:52:50 CET 2013

Dear HackerSpace,

                   My name is Friday Demola, I am a certified blogger and online
promoter who is from Lagos, Nigeria. Before I finished my high school
in 2007, I prophesied that I want to study in the United States Of
America and any time my mates
were applying for Jamb, I never felt like registering because I was
working hard trying to get the money for my Visa and stuffs; but at
the end they were all abortive. After many years of trying, nothing
worked out, so I had to stop disturbing myself about traveling abroad.
Two years ago  I thought to myself that if I am studying here in
Nigeria, I would have graduated by now, but God reminded me that I
prophesied something, I didn’t remember what it was, until my Pastor
(He has been transferred now) asked me last year about what I am doing
concerning my international school, I told him I have stopped it, so
he encouraged me not to stop, so I registered for the America
DV-lottery the same year and this year 2103 the result came out and I
was randomly selected amongst the 150,000 people. I was so excited and
after sending my documents to the US consular office in Kentucky, now
I am among the 50,000 people that were finally picked.

My Visa interview is January 8th, and I need to get all the
requirements they requested for.
1. International Passport
2. Attestation Of Birth
3. School certificate
4. Police Records
5. Affidavit
6. Medical check-up report
7. Visa Fee

Calculating everything it’s  N111,000  and I have N51,000 now but
still looking for the remaining N60,000 so that I can use it to get
other requirements.

The N60,000 is equivalent to $375

The spending of the N51,000 begins tomorrow. My Christmas wish is to
get the remaining balance so that I can have a successful Visa
interview. I tried reaching my friends to support but they are all
prophesying lies upon their heads which is so bad.

NB: My aim is to travel to United States Of America, study more about
ICT, work and
come back to Nigeria and nothing is going to change it.

I would be so glad if my wish can come to pass.
Thanks so much HS members for taking your time to read my message.

Remember there is no way to Peace, Peace is the way

Hack On
Friday D.

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