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I would start with:

1. Basic building maintenance. Things like the roof or electrical system
are big-ticket items that aren't going to get fixed by volunteers passing
the hat. Also, the same applies for any type of occupancy
certificate/compliance stuff. Make sure your zoning and build-out will
allow for everything you want to do. It would suck to spend all of your
money and discover that you can't pass the fire inspection, or should have
added 2 more outside doors while the carpenters were still there. This sort
of thing is an existential threat to your space. You can always add desks
and A/V equipment, but you only get to do this stuff once.

2. If you want to do woodworking or welding, I would highly recommend
getting outside ventilation installed for several welding stations. For
woodworking, you want a central dust collection system if possible. You
also want venting for the laser cutter. If you want to add compressed air,
an outside cage with piping and electrical is wonderful, as you won't have
to listen to it all the time.

3. Large slop sink for clean-up tasks. Also look at getting a floor drain
in any "wet" or dirty room you might need it later, and any other water or
sewer hookups that might be required. Consider a shower as well. And maybe
plumbing a line or two for a "never ending" water cooler.

4. Storage space-it's worth spending money on some surplus warehouse
shelving and/or pick bins. You can make very sturdy shelving liek we did
from 1" square stock or similar. Have a look at this:


5. Get more outlets than you think you need, including 220V. Laser cutters
and machine tools usually need 220V, 20A, while larger TIG and MIG welders
often need 50A. If you have any 3-phase tools, get power run for those as
well. Get lots of outlets put in where people will use laptops and other
stuff if you want to avoid a cord jungle later.

Get more conduits than you think you need. Get a bigger panel than you
think you need. Set aside a wiring closet and make sure it has power. You
can add more CAT5 or circuits yourself later.


On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 10:15 AM, Mark Janssen <dreamingforward at gmail.com>wrote:

> > I'm the space planner/manager for our existing 5,000 ft facility and,
> truth be told we are already pretty cramped with a wood shop, metal shop,
> welding room, electronics, 3d print area, office, social and storage space.
> Many of the tools are on wheels so they can be moved into an open area to
> be used, or at put away in storage area when not in use (textiles
> especially).
> I'd recommend an event space with a hi-def projector and large
> wall-space for a screen.  One of the main things you're going to want
> to do with such a large space is build community, and events where the
> general community are invited are important.
> Since you said "dream space".  I'd also suggest resident living areas
> (hacker lofts), or barring that, a lounge space for people building
> projects to build rapport and share ideas.  (A minimalist kitchen:
> water boiler, toaster oven, sink, microwave).
> You might want to check out quora.com and the answers for "What are
> the best practices developing for hackerspaces?".
> MarkJ
> Tacoma, Washington
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