[hackerspaces] Dream Space

bownes bownes at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 07:12:43 CET 2013

As I mentioned earlier, TVCoG just landed a $550k grant to buy and rehab a building here in Troy N.Y.  As anyone cN probably guess that's going to be a fraction of the total bill, but it's a heck of a start. 

I'm the space planner/manager for our existing 5,000 ft facility and, truth be told we are already pretty cramped with a wood shop, metal shop, welding room, electronics, 3d print area, office, social and storage space. Many of the tools are on wheels so they can be moved into an open area to be used, or at put away in storage area when not in use (textiles especially). 

Today I was handed the blank blueprints for the building we are getting. The shop space will almost double in size to just under 10k ft. 

Despite a desire to put in a dedicated space for *.*, it makes more sense to keep it pretty open and flexible IMHO. 

My question is this, given a blank sheet of paper, what would you want, space wise, for elements of a space? Would you wall off 3d printing from fiber arts? Metal shop? Electronics? 
Would you like exterior light more for a metal shop or a wood shop? What would describe the dream space and what would you do different from what you have now? What lessons have you learned were you to move in all over again? ( I'd put the vacuum and compressed air systems in _first_ for example)

Things you think I might keep in mind? Mistakes or successes?


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