[hackerspaces] Inquiry: Hackerspaces Accomodating Special Needs Hackers & Hacker Experiences - How Do You Guys Fare?

Ethan Chew spacefelix at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 08:11:07 CET 2013


     In the hackerspace and hacker experience, how have you guys
accomodated hackers with special needs (e.g. deaf, blind, limited mobility,
mental, multiple languages, etc.)?
     Likewise, for hackers who have special needs, how has your experience
been and how have you adapted to your communities?

      I am curious to know as I have seen examples of such hackerspaces;
some in ethnically diverse communities operate with multiple languages;
staff and board alike are multilingual.  Some hackerspaces in the US I've
seen have built ramps or arranged doors and passageways accordingly to meet
ADA (American Disability Act) standards to accommodate wheelchairs.

       As for special needs hackers, how has the community been for you;
how are we doing as a whole and what should we continue to do/improve upon?

       As a last question, are there any examples of projects out there
that are geared towards meeting special needs; e.g. visual-only/tactile or
sound-only translators, mobility devices, etc?

              V/r Ethan/spacefelix
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