[hackerspaces] Telepresence Robot Idea

Joshua Pritt ramgarden at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 07:57:15 CEST 2013

Just wanted to bounce an idea off of you guys and gals.
For a cheap alternative to the Double Robotics robot I was going to try to
make one from a $15 R/C tank, a PVC pipe, a $15 USB web cam, an old
portable DVD player screen or car back up camera screen, and a raspberry pi
with Wifi dongle.
Do you think the raspberry pi + web cam will work as a two way video chat
device or does it lack the horsepower?

Would I be better off just buying an older Android phone and use that to
control both the remote control over the web and the video chat software
like a google hangout or skype?

Have any of you built a telepresence robot yet?

Here's my project page:

Thanks for any help/discussion you want to throw in,
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