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Yves, we are friendly with the folks from Chaos Computer Club in general,
who gave us a spot at Camp in '11 to present on Space Federation. We're
trying to work with Francois Taddei at the Center for Interdisciplinary
Research at U. Descartes to get a space rolling in Paris sometime this
year. Beyond that are just individual contacts with some of the spaces in

As to the wider discussion, if we can separate the problem into:
* where to host / who to admin the hackerspaces.* domains and
* what to do with the content on the sites and how to manage community
participation to maintain/improve that content

Are there docs anywhere on what all is running on the servers? Specs and
whatnot? Pardon me if I've missed this information from prior in the thread.

Is there a way we could set up a trust model for access control to the
content, so the community can take a larger role in posting content and
keeping things up to date? I know the wiki is relatively open but I don't
know about the rest of the *.hackerspaces.* components or how they are

We've been using OpenAtrium for managing / communications on the Space
Federation community (https://atrium.schoolfactory.org/spacefed) which has
a wiki, project management and discussion threads and allows for email-only

On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 7:51 PM, Yves Quemener <quemener.yves at free.fr>wrote:

> Thanks for the summary and my apologies to Sean, as I apparently answered
> to a debate he was not taking part in. I did not miss the genesis of the
> conversation but did indeed get lost in its forkings, sorry.
> But am I missing another thing if I say that simply owning the
> hackerspaces.* domains just involved managing DNS records and is not really
> a big problem or a big task, as long as the servers are maintained by the
> current team?
> I don't really understand why the people currently controlling the servers
> should not also own the domain names. Alternatively, Matt Joyce proposed to
> take them, why wouldn't that be a proper solution?
> Making a whole organization only for deciding to which IP
> *.hackerspaces.org points to seems way overkill.
> On 15/04/13 02:22, hellekin wrote:
> > On 04/14/2013 06:57 PM, Sean Bonner wrote:
> >
> >> Glad that all got resolved. Good work everyone!
> >
> > *** Sarcasm apart, let's clear misunderstanding about the evolution of
> > the discussion, for the sake of people who left the "Abuse of Power"
> > thread early on. After the initial burst that sparked it, Paul
> > announced that he wants to leave the keys of hackerspaces.* domains to
> > someone else, preferably not to the same people who control the
> > server. That's the issue number one to solve.
> >
> > The discussion derived to the lack of activity of late in the
> > hackerspaces community (stall of bonding activities such as Call-Ins,
> > Challenges, etc.).
> >
> > Matt Joyce (NYC Resistor) proposed to setup a foundation to handle the
> > domains, provide a more transparent management of the community's
> > assets, and to move away from the benevolent dictator model.
> >
> > Walter van Holst (RevSpace) reframed the issue from a lawyer's point
> > of view, saying that a foundation might not be the best choice, and we
> > should ask: 'what is the problem you're trying to solve?'
> >
> > Mark Janssen proposed to gamify the decision process.
> >
> > James Carlson introduced a working model for an umbrella organization
> > that manages resources across hackerspaces (makerspaces, etc.) which
> > sounds very interesting.
> >
> > Rubin Abdi suggested we're here to fuck with your robots, to which
> > Monochrom agreed gleefully.
> >
> > And you Sean, reminded that the topic of turning hackerspaces.org into
> > something more formal have come up a lot in this mailing list before
> > and failed.
> >
> > Yves Quenemer and others reminded that hackerspaces.org have two
> > objectives that are properly fulfilled: providing this (and other)
> > mailing lists, and a working site of hackerspaces around the world.
> >
> > So indeed, there are two topics:
> >
> > 0 - who's going to take charge of the hackerspaces.* domains
> > 1 - what do you want to do to restore/expand regular community activity
> >   - and robots hardcore forking
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
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