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Yves Quemener quemener.yves at free.fr
Mon Apr 15 02:51:51 CEST 2013

Thanks for the summary and my apologies to Sean, as I apparently answered
to a debate he was not taking part in. I did not miss the genesis of the
conversation but did indeed get lost in its forkings, sorry.

But am I missing another thing if I say that simply owning the
hackerspaces.* domains just involved managing DNS records and is not really
a big problem or a big task, as long as the servers are maintained by the
current team?

I don't really understand why the people currently controlling the servers
should not also own the domain names. Alternatively, Matt Joyce proposed to
take them, why wouldn't that be a proper solution?

Making a whole organization only for deciding to which IP
*.hackerspaces.org points to seems way overkill.

On 15/04/13 02:22, hellekin wrote:
> On 04/14/2013 06:57 PM, Sean Bonner wrote:
>> Glad that all got resolved. Good work everyone!
> *** Sarcasm apart, let's clear misunderstanding about the evolution of
> the discussion, for the sake of people who left the "Abuse of Power"
> thread early on. After the initial burst that sparked it, Paul
> announced that he wants to leave the keys of hackerspaces.* domains to
> someone else, preferably not to the same people who control the
> server. That's the issue number one to solve.
> The discussion derived to the lack of activity of late in the
> hackerspaces community (stall of bonding activities such as Call-Ins,
> Challenges, etc.).
> Matt Joyce (NYC Resistor) proposed to setup a foundation to handle the
> domains, provide a more transparent management of the community's
> assets, and to move away from the benevolent dictator model.
> Walter van Holst (RevSpace) reframed the issue from a lawyer's point
> of view, saying that a foundation might not be the best choice, and we
> should ask: 'what is the problem you're trying to solve?'
> Mark Janssen proposed to gamify the decision process.
> James Carlson introduced a working model for an umbrella organization
> that manages resources across hackerspaces (makerspaces, etc.) which
> sounds very interesting.
> Rubin Abdi suggested we're here to fuck with your robots, to which
> Monochrom agreed gleefully.
> And you Sean, reminded that the topic of turning hackerspaces.org into
> something more formal have come up a lot in this mailing list before
> and failed.
> Yves Quenemer and others reminded that hackerspaces.org have two
> objectives that are properly fulfilled: providing this (and other)
> mailing lists, and a working site of hackerspaces around the world.
> So indeed, there are two topics:
> 0 - who's going to take charge of the hackerspaces.* domains
> 1 - what do you want to do to restore/expand regular community activity
>   - and robots hardcore forking
> Cheers,
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> hk
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