[hackerspaces] Abuse Of Power

Walter van Holst walter at revspace.nl
Sun Apr 14 13:00:02 CEST 2013

On 4/13/13 8:45 PM, Matt Joyce wrote:

> Maybe what we need is a foundation.  But a foundation that's designed to
> service the community and not vice versa.  One where leadership is
> disassociated from development.  Where the leaders exist for the sole
> purpose of safe guarding the public image of the org and promoting
> hackerspaces while simply allowing and supporting the individual
> contributors.

By day I'm a lawyer and everytime a client comes up with 'I need a
foundation/limited/incorporated' my question is: 'what is the problem
you're trying to solve?'

If governance is the issue, a foundation tends to be a very lousy
choice. If you want the domain name to reside with a trusted third party
(not being a natural person), then a somehow incorporated entity is part
of the answer. Depending on the governance of that entity you may have
shifted your long-term trust problem from a natural person to a legal
entity. Without solving it.



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