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Sun Apr 14 02:55:38 CEST 2013

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Paul, astera, & $captive_audience ;

I'm sorry to hear about your $HACKERSPACE_DRAMA_SUMMARY. If you want to
rant at someone to get drama shit off your chest, let me know off-list*.
Folks on this list talked me down from dramatic escalation when my shit
went pear-shaped**.  I'm always glad to help others. But lets do it

Can you make more popcorn, I eated all of mine.

You win most gratuitous use of the work 'fuck' in a 'lets all get along'
movie. your gift is int he mail!

Matt Joyce:
Your wise saying fall like potato's into the hands of the beggars.

I love all of you people, and this is way cheaper than netflix.

xoxoxox, hack on,
- - Far  McKon

* Joking aside, I honestly mean that.  Email me if you want to vent,
I'll be glad to help how I can.

** in ye-olde 2009 our fiscal sponsor nonprofit locked me out of our
building/finances/website/mailing list without notice. Then one of their
board members 'took over'. It's cool now, I got a formal apology and
they made nice ~1 year later. Thanks to Nick Farr, Eric Michaud and
other folks that got me though that pile of horse shit.

On 4/13/13 4:44 PM, Rubin Abdi wrote:
> Sean Bonner wrote, On 2013-04-13 13:18:
>> While I support hell yeah's and fucking with robots, to pretend that
>> aren't already gate keepers is a bit of a joke, I mean this whole thread
>> started because of issues between gate keepers. I think the idea of a
>> foundation makes sense because then at least there's some mutually agreed
>> upon policy for those gate keepers rather than just whatever whim someone
>> has at a given moment, and also someone (person or org) accountable
to make
>> sure things both keep working and keep being relevant.
> Hackers part of this community who admin Linux boxes so you don't have
> to = gate keepers? What the fuck?
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