[hackerspaces] Hackerspaces Re:Foundation (Was Re: Abuse Of Power)

Mark Janssen dreamingforward at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 01:32:52 CEST 2013

> On 04/13/2013 04:48 PM, Matt Joyce wrote:
> *** Given the endless argument on this list about hackerspaces /
> hacklabs / makerspaces / etc., I wonder how we can reach a consensus on
> such uniform standards. That's an interesting challenge, and Mark
> Janssen might hold part of the answer with his game.

Thank you!  I feel like I'm shouting to aliens from outer space some
times.   Seriously I do have some experience on these matters, so I'm
not making recommendations from my arse, and I'm not trying to get all
hierarchical on anyone.

Really, all this should be considered a sort of "birthing pain" from a
radical shit in economic paradigms -- a shift from a paradigm of
expansion and [endless] growth to one of inter-connection and
collaboration.  This is something unique in all the history of the
civilization and we're on the forefront, below the radar of every
fricking leader in this G8-20 economic dumbshit system.  (Ask any
biologist or mathematician how long exponential growth can last on a
finite planet, but yet no leader is even thinking about it).

The question is whether the "birth" will be viable or whether it will


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