[hackerspaces] Abuse Of Power

Paul Bohm bohmps at gmail.com
Sat Apr 13 17:32:37 CEST 2013

Astera seems to have just removed my sudo list from the project that i
started in 15 July 2008 ( see

Why you ask? Because I gave Florian Holzhauer (who was a main organizer of
CCC Camp) access to create new deploy scripts for auto-deploying (using
opsworks, chef, etc.) a new server so the site stops being broken and

While we're almost done with this, the site got spammed heavily again. Flo
asked me if he could step in, and I said - well, the site is being spammed.
He fixed it and also deployed the fixes that will make pagination work
again - finally! - I'm not sure what then happened, but she seems to have
gotten angry at FH and removed his and my access. At some point she said
"you have access again, enki not".

This isn't the first such story I've heard. Eric Michaud (who wrote a
sizable up to half of the stories at (http://blog.hackerspaces.org/) also
told me she removed his access much earlier for power struggle reasons.
(Eric is in cc)

Please be aware she didn't start a hackerspace, and hadn't even attended a
single Metalab meeting by the time we got her involved to help with some
promotion and logo design.

I have no time to deal with this right now - I just started a huge
opensource bitcoin exchange project (see

I still own the domain names associated with Hackerspaces. I'm happy the
site is up and I don't care if I have root. I just wanted to say that in my
opinion FH right now is the authoritative Tech admin, since he's actually
doing the leg work, and it's not cool to sabotage others who actually do
the work, when you've let the site languish for years.

Sorry to put the laundry out in the open, but this just isn't a way to deal
with people.

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