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Charlie X Wallace charlie at finitemonkeys.com
Wed Sep 19 00:35:05 CEST 2012

Someone crashed the head of our PCB CNC mill once, we took it apart and 
straightened it, probably about two hours to disassemble, fix and 

I spent an hour cleaning off the bed of the laser cutter after a few people 
used it without cleaning it afterwards and  it enough of a mess to need a 
metal scraper. The optics get unaligned or the Z table does,  we've probably 
done 3 hours of that work in the last few months, though partly that’s 
because we're accuracy nuts.

Tips on our metcals tend to get burnt out faster since people don't know how 
to handle them, takes a minute to swap out the tips.

Cutters get used for cutting the wrong things from time to time, especially 
during lockpick nights. that’s just replacement and education.

Couple of light fixture circuits got blown out during 'high voltage' 
experimentation, haven't fixed those yet!

We should probably resurface one of hot plates soon, it doesn't always get 
cleaned off and the nature of it, plus we teach a lot of SMD work.

That’s all I can think of in the last two+ years, I can't think of anything 
else of note.


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So how much do you see equipment downtime?

Even though we have equipment that hasn't really been "abused" we still
see things fail, and they often take time to repair, and that's time
lost for people who want to use the equipment, especially those who can
only make it to the space once or twice a week at best.

Laser cutters especially seem pretty easy to do damage to themselves by
people not properly trained in their usage.


On 9/18/12 4:57 PM, Charlie X Wallace wrote:
>> If your space just has tables, wifi, and a few tools, that may be
>> safe/fine for anyone, but if you've got a mill, lathe, forge, kiln,
>> laser cutter, etc. you might be a bit hesitant to let people in.
> We have cnc mills, pick and place, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, tools,
> lots and lots of electronic equipment and components.
> We're not hesitant at all. I accept things might get damaged, but almost
> everything we can either repair or improve. That which cannot easily be
> repaired, would be  whip round/fund raiser to replace it.
> charlie
> nullspacelabs
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