[hackerspaces] We invite hackers around the world to our new Hackerspace in Sitges (Barcelona)

al al at blogmail.cc
Sat Sep 8 15:07:40 CEST 2012

Hello. We just open a new hackerspace front the Mediterranean Sea in 
Sitges (local name of the village: Garraf, 30minutes in train from 
Barcelona center). We are few people and we have a lot of space, so we 
want to invite people from the FLOSS world for free. So if you are 
software developer, graphical designer, system administrator or business 
developer in alternative economy that want to share physical space and 
cyberspace whitout cost that's your place.

We want to create a good place to make personal or commons start-ups.

We have physical space: more than 700 m2, external, on the front line of 
the sea, kitchens, toilets, internet connection. Rooms if you want. We 
have our own dedicated servers.


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