[hackerspaces] Competition for individuals and hackerspaces

spanner888 spanner888 at usabledevices.com
Sat Nov 17 06:23:53 CET 2012


Hoping some hackerspaces or members might be interested in this competition:

    "To enter: Write a submission on what you would do with the
    SwarmRobot PCBs. The winners will be those displaying the best
    spirit of open sharing and learning in what they intend to do with
    the PCBs and how they intend to do this."

Prizes 15 PCB pairs (main controller and IR shield).

  * Individuals -- 5 prizes of 1 PCB pair
  * Maker/Hacker spaces or other like minded groups -- 2 prizes, each of
    5 pairs of PCBs

There are quite a few hints and tips in these two posts about the 

    SwarmRobot competition -- free PCB prizes
    SwarmRobot Competition details

Entries close at end of the month.
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