[hackerspaces] Diskussionsforum für deutsche Hackerspaces / discussion for german-based hackerspaces

Jan Vanvinkenroye java at shackspace.de
Thu Nov 15 16:06:12 CET 2012

Hello everyone,

i am jan from shackspace in stuttgart, an i am wondering if it could be
viable to found a dedicated platform
for german-based hackerspaces to foster an exchange concerning legal and
policy issues.

when talking to other members from hackerspaces i get the impression that
although most of us followed
the available material for founding hackerspaces like the hackerspace
design patterns and such, more
and more special issues (like insurance, tax, legal status, finance) arise
where it could be useful to
share experiences and solutions.

on hackerspaces.org i found that in germany alone there seem to be ober 60+
spaces and not all of
the are local incarnations of the ccc and therefore may lack oportunities
to exchange questions.

any thoughts on that? i am thinking of a dedicated mailinglist or perhaps a
meeting at the 29c3 this year.

Jan Vanvinkenroye

shack gemeinnütziger e.V.

Ulmerstr. 255
70327 Stuttgart


Telefon: 0172 9771690
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