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Lokkju Brennr lokkju at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 20:36:40 CET 2012

I love this idea - any prototype designs for it currently?

On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 9:03 AM, Jeff Myer <jmyer at cthackerspace.com> wrote:

> This is something that I have done a great deal of thinking about but have
> not yet implemented my best plan for a solution which I will share with you
> now in hopes that you can actually do something with it.  This is not earth
> shattering however I think it is a great solution for this exact problem.
> Essentially my plan involves plywood (or other material) work surfaces
> that members are assigned along with a rolling rack with many "slots" where
> the work surfaces can be stored when not actively being worked on. The
> rolling racks will be similar to the racks that commercial bakeries deliver
> bread with.
> The workflow is:
> 1. Member is assigned an empty "work surface"
> 2. Member takes work surface and sets on a table or bench, starts to work
> on their project places materials, tools etc on the work surface.
> 3. Member looks up a the clock, realizes it is 3:00 am and they need to
> leave to get at least an hour or two of sleep before work
> 4. Member takes work surface with all tools, materials etc still in place
> on surface, picks it up and slide it in storage rack then goes home to get
> some sleep.
> 5. Member wakes up 6 hours later, realizes that their job is less
> interesting than the project that they left at the hackerspace, calls out
> from work and returns to hackerspace.
> 6. Member goes to rack pulls out the work surface with all of their
> materials and tools right where they left them, sets it down on a bench or
> a table and goes back to working on project.
> 7 Repeat until project is done.
> The 2 parameters that need to be figured out and adhered to are the foot
> print (Length & Width) of the work surface and the max height that stuff
> can be left on the work surface before being put away. These dimensions
> will dictate the slot/shelf dimensions for the storage rack.
> Hope this helps,
> Jeff
> On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 11:39 AM, Pete Prodoehl <raster at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Over at Milwaukee Makerspace we've been having a discussion about member
>> storage solutions... where to keep your "personal" stuff you leave at the
>> hackerspace, which may be projects in progress, or tools, or miscellaneous
>> parts, bits, widgets, etc.
>> We have some pallet storage, and some file cabinets, and some lockers,
>> and those are all just out of convenience since we scavenged most of it,
>> but with a move to a new building coming, one member suggested portable
>> rolling carts, which could also be used as a work surface (possibly locking
>> them together for a larger work surface) and now we're discussing the finer
>> points of carts.
>> What do other spaces do for storage? Bins? Shelves? Lockers? Rolling
>> Transformer Carts, Hover Carts that can float to the ceiling?
>> Pete
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