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Mel Shamanka mel.shamanka at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 17:58:09 CET 2012

2012/11/5 Joshua Pritt <ramgarden at gmail.com>

> Makers local 256 uses a giant floor to ceiling shelf system hand built
> from 2x4s and plywood. Each member gets their own 2 cubic ft (give or take)
> spot with fancy blue painter's tape to label it.

How high is your ceiling ?

Building on that, one could imagine a sort of modular, personal box that
each member would receive upon joining the hackerspace, and that would
click/snap in with others to form a bigger shelving unit : pick it up when
you need it with you as a tool/workbox, put it back when you leave the
space for safe storage. Even easier for spaces equipped with laser cutters ?

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