[hackerspaces] Counter-Strike: Source map of We.VoidWarranties.be hackerspace

Yvan Janssens ik at yvanj.me
Sun May 20 13:51:02 CEST 2012


I am pleased to anounce that the server hosting the (beta) version of the
VoidWarranties hackerspace map for Counter-Strike: Source is up.
It can be found at cs-s.friedkiwi.be (right click in Favorites, add host).
You can also find it in the directory.

Map comments/suggestions should go to KefCom (kefcom at hotmail.com), server
issues to me (whateveryouwant at yvanj.me).

Happy fraggin' !

FriedKiwi (server op) and KefCom (map designer).

|_|0|_|   Yvan Janssens
|_|_|0|   http://j.mp/yvanjanssens
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