[hackerspaces] haxogreen call for proposals extended until May 31st!

David Raison david at hackerspace.lu
Mon May 14 22:28:48 CEST 2012

Dear all,

Having released the Call for Proposals [0] a little later than initially
planned, and with still 72 days [1] to go until the camp, we have
decided to extend the deadline for the CfP from May 15th until May 31st.
That means 16 additional days to think about and finalize your talk to
present or workshop to hold at haxogreen 2012!

Acceptance notification has of course also been postponed to June 8th.
Whether your favorite topic is IT-security, the hacker-community,
net-politics, homemade food or beverages, 3D manufacturing,
operating-systems, DIY-culture, coding and algorithms, or soldering and
tinkering, you can look forward to a crowd of techno-freaks that crave
your information. Browse this wiki and above all have a look at the
Memories page [2] to glimpse at 2010's edition before you head over to
our submission system [3] to enter your proposal.

We're specifically looking for and highly likely to accept anything
game-show related and entertaining.

Likewise, and since we know that you wouldn't necessarily want to buy a
pig in a poke, we've extended the early-bird phase for registration [4]
until June 22nd, so you can have a look at the schedule before
committing yourself.

[0] https://www.haxogreen.lu/2012/Call_For_Proposals
[1] http://www.haxogreen.lu/
[2] https://www.haxogreen.lu/2012/Memories
[3] http://cfp.haxogreen.lu/submission/hg2012
[4] https://www.haxogreen.lu/2012/Registration

HaxoGreen 2012 - the Hackers' Summercamp in Luxembourg
July 26nd till July 29th 2012, in Dudelange, Luxembourg
Call for Proposals: http://www.haxogreen.lu
T: +352 691 44 23 24

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