[hackerspaces] HOPE on a BOAT PARTY by Alpha One Labs

Psy Tek psytek at alphaonelabs.com
Fri May 11 04:45:15 CEST 2012

Alpha One Labs is setting a deadline for our HOPE projects, and what better
way to do that than to show them off at a PARTY and invite everyone to it!

Now what almost rhymes with HOPE???... BOAT! Yes, so we're having a boat
Well, hackers are on a budget... we'll need to make this free, A free boat?

The Staten Island Ferry!

Proposed at the Tuesday hackerspace meeting, Make.SI was suggested as a

This will be an awesome event for like minded hacker spirits to join
together in celebration of completed projects for HOPE the week after. All
are invited!

Here is what we are thinking in terms of schedule / timing:

Saturday July 7th:

5pm - 7pm - Gathering at the Whitehorse Tavern, 25 Bridge Street, New York,
NY 10004
7pm - make our way to the Ferry
8:29pm - enjoy the Sunset during our HOPE BOAT PARTY
9pm - arrive at Make.SI

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