[hackerspaces] space founder/facilitator meet up - SFO

Willow Brugh willow.bl00 at gmail.com
Tue May 8 17:21:35 CEST 2012

Evening of Wednesday the 16th at Noisebridge.
More in-depth conversation all day Thursday the 17th elsewhere.
spacecampwest.eventbrite.com so I can plan for capacity, please.


Willow Brugh // willowbl00 <http://blog.bl00cyb.org/>
Schedule a meeting with me <http://tungle.me/willowbl00>

PS - I'd prefer to just leave it there, but as the day-long thing is
happening at the San Mateo Faire Grounds: this does not have any DARPA
We are using space at the Faire grounds because it has been paid for setup
time but is not in use on Thursday. MAKE was kind enough to let us use the
excess space.
This event was booked far in advance to the DARPA/MAKE debate. As Maker
Faire is historically a gathering place for people associated with hacker
and maker spaces in the US, I thought it would save everyone time and money
(and lots of plane flights) to hold an event temporally and geographically
My thoughts on DARPA are on my own blog. I’d love to continue this
conversation there.
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