[hackerspaces] Keep the Lasagna Flying and hail Eris: Totally unmotivated pasta-munching day on Confuflux (50.03.3178, or 15.07.2012 for you weird gregorians)

riot riot at c-base.org
Thu Jun 28 11:48:10 CEST 2012

Hail Eris!

Topic says most of it ;)

We're having another "Keep the Lasagna Flying" day on 50.3.3178 YOLD, 
Confusions 10th Sweetmorn, aka Confuflux \o/ in Berlin (c-base). We'll 
probably be eating the stuff around 20:23 CEST evening. See [1] for a 
gregorian date.

We can roll the event around the planet and eat pasta all day if enough 
spaces participate :D

So, anyone interested?


[1]: Gregorian coordinates:
Sunday, 2012-07-15, 1823 UTC - use your secondary watch, perhaps?

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