[hackerspaces] [Survey] Reminder about the hackerspaces, makerspaces, DIYbio community survey

jarkko moilanen jarkko.moilanen at uta.fi
Wed Jun 27 17:52:45 CEST 2012


First of all, this is not directly hacking related mail. If considered
as spam, my apologies. For those interested about community originated
research about DIY communities, keep on reading. 

I'm inviting you to participate on a survey on individuals involved in
different kind of Peer Production communities: hackerspaces,
makerspaces, fablabs, 100k garages, and alike. The survey contains 21
questions, and typically it takes around 5-10 minutes to complete. 

Last year 250 hackers participated in the survey. Hopefully this time
more hackers will participate. However, so far around 100 hackers have

Survey can be found from here: 
- in English
- in French

Survey will be open 15-30th June 2011.


The survey was conducted 2010 and 2011. Results from 2011 (compared to
2010) can be found from here:  

The survey is intended to give insights
about DIY communities to the people involved, and we hope that this will
help in motivating you to take the time to participate!

The survey is a part of a newly founded initiative for open source
research on peer production (supported by the Peer to Peer Foundation,
more info at http://surveys.peerproduction.net/). All of the
(anonymised, of course!) data will be openly available on the survey

I edited questions slightly, but no major changes were made. Biggest
change is the tool used. This year we use LimeSurvey, which is a great
open source survey tool. Another change is that this time we have survey
questions in English and French. 

Results will be posted to above mentioned blog this summer. The raw data
from this survey will be made available for everyone else too for
further use. Link to data will be provided in

Your help would be needed: if you can (and see fit) spread the word,
please do.

Jarkko (IRC: kyyberi)


Jarkko Moilanen, M.Soc.Sc
PhD Candidate
School of Information Sciences
Blog: http://blog.ossoil.com

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